DBA Consulting Services

We are committed to your optimization goals and targets, as if they were our own. To each project we utilize our best expertise and knowledge to advice on improved design, maintenance and implementation of your data base. Our goal is to enable high availability, scalability and replication of your systems.  


Among our consultancy services: 

1. Database architecture, design and installation for various organization types and database systems.

2. Database optimization and performance improvement including index and disc space management to    
    expedite response times.

3. Upgrades and migrations projects for advanced versions of QL Server, Oracle, MySQL   

4. Design and implementation of maintenance protocols.

5. Consultancy, design and installation of replication systems.

6. Wide range of professional database trainings.

7. Connectivity projects consultancy.

8. Disaster recovery [s2] solutions.


Our services are offered as expert consultancy, executors or as out sourced solution providers, on a partial or a full scope basis.


Support Services

We provide ongoing DBA end-to-end support services, up to 24/7 availability,  remotely or on site, including urgent response service.

Our offering includes 3 differentiated levels of support : Silver, Gold and platinum, to suit your needs. Choose the right SLA for your organization.


We just do IT! Advising, Consulting and Executing IT projects

We provide professional IT services and solutions and shall be at your service as your consultants, advisors or executors. To each and every step of the project and to various IT platforms, we offer: System architecture, characterizations, design and installation. Once your IT systems are up and running, we offer our maintenance services while utilizing our best experts to take care of your systems.

IT department managers across Hi-Tech companies, financial institutes, and industrial companies, consider our trained personnel as an integral part of their organizations and as an active partners ensuring maintenance requirements are met and daily problem solving is being handled.
We manage and accompany IT projects as well as providing out sourcing solution in house, at your company. We just do IT!